Ping - Linux

  • The ping command tests whether another host or router on the Internet is reachable.
Detailed Description
  • The ping command sends an ICMP Echo Request datagram to an interface and expects an ICMP Echo Reply datagram in return.
  • ping continues to send packets until you interrupt the command with the Ctrl-C keys.
  • It is recommended to always send at least two ICMP Echo Request packets.  It is observed that the first ICMP Echo Request may often be dropped at the receiver.
Command Syntax
  •  ping [ -LRUbdfnqrvVaAB] [ -c count] [ -i interval] [ -lpreload] [ -p pattern] [ -spacketsize] [ -t ttl] [ -wdeadline] [ -F flowlabel] [ -Iinterface] [ -M hint] [ -Q tos] [-S sndbuf] [ -T timestamp option] [ -W timeout] [ hop...destination
  • From PC1, send five ping messages to PC2
    • PC1% ping -c 5